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It can be said quickly and excitedly or offered up with a long, drawn-out “o” sound. The amount of money is small but the intention to have fun is large when this little phrase is passed around! ¿Qué onda? While the word ‘pendejo’ literally means ‘pubic hair’ it’s the equivalent of calling someone ‘stupid’ or an ‘asshole’ and can be used in both an endearing way (between friends) or in an offensive way — it all depends on the tone of voice. You may also hear vato in Mexican slang, but it’s not as common as wey. Compare meanings of words and phrases that mean something in a dictionary and the other meaning when used in conversation that insinuates a slang or different meaning. It can be used as both a standalone exclamation (¡Qué chido! FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. Literally a “strawberry,” a fresa is not something you want to be. Colega. It’s closer to “No fucking way!” Be careful with this one since it has a strong connotation. Like ¿Qué tal? One example is mijo and mija, which is mi hijo and mi hija (“my son” and “my daughter”) smushed together. This literally means “You think you’re very very” but the slang meaning is more of “You think you’re something special.”. But make sure you read the rest of the post though for details on the pronunciation of these Spanish phrases, including audio for the tricky words and sounds. (Do you want to go see that new movie tonight? “You’re Welcome in Spanish” – 13 Different Expressions For Any … There’s no real literal translation of this expression that makes any sense in English. Sometimes it’s used sincerely, but it’s mainly used in a sarcastic way, like “You don’t say. “That movie was so lame. Plus, if you see an interesting word you don’t know, you can add it to a vocab list. Boludo is a negative word but in Argentina, it's so common that no one will be offended if you call them this. It’s a bit threatening and gangster when using it to a stranger. I heard it’s really cool. Valió madre or Valió verga Literally “It was worth mother” or “It was worth cock.” It means “something is fucked.” For example: Ya valí madre means “I’m fucked.” 3. Mexican-specific Slang. You'll hear Mexicans using "órdale!" If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Spanish with real-world videos. As such, Buzzle brings you a list of Mexican slang words and phrases. Once again, this phrase can be considered offensive and is mostly used among groups of young men. It can be applied to either sex, so pay attention to the -a or -o ending of this descriptive noun. This word is used between close guy friends, or “bros”, to call each other “buddy” or “pal”. Based on the countries that you visit most, you can add more slang from those regions. 13 Mexican slang words and phrases to help you sound more like a native. Other sites use scripted content. The literal meaning is “don’t suck”. “I was studying Spanish, and like, this phrase was really difficult…”. Literal meaning: Colleague. All Rights Reserved. Exclamatory phrases when using Mexican slang have multiple meanings and are useful in a variety of scenarios. Assuming you’re all grown up and not opposed to offensive language, take it for a spin—they have free materials on their site which you can sample. So if someone expresses an opinion that’s similar to your own or proposes an arrangement or activity as a worthwhile endeavor, you can say “Eso que ni que” to show that you agree! Also, they have a fantastic blog that’s both informative and entertaining. 19. Di is special to the Pervuian jungle, so it got fun reactions when I learned to use it properly, as an obvious extranjera living there. So it’s a play on that, using improper spelling like an American meme would. Learning English becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. 10 Words & Phrases From Mexico That Aren’t Taught In School. Some of them are not appropriate to use with strangers or even with your family. “When are you going to stop acting stupid?” ¡Aguas! literally means “What wave?” like, “What wave you riding, dude?” or “How’s it hangin’?”, More crudely, you can use ¿Qué pedo?, which also means “What’s up?” But pedo means “fart”, so the actual translation is “What fart?”. Ex. This is one of the most common slang words you'll hear in Argentina. Remember how I said you’d be able to understand a full conversation after reading this post? Mexican slang, for this reason, is fun, funny and sometimes bizarre. This means “chick” or “chica”. / ¡No mames! is perhaps the most popular one, and it’s basically a vulgar way to show excitement or approval. This is a program that’s not afraid to be bold, using vulgarity, curses and slang in their educational dialogues. When he’s not working or blogging at Spanish Learner Central, he might be found strumming a guitar, climbing a small mountain or exploring his newly adopted hometown of Buffalo, New York. Then get out there and start speaking some real Mexican Spanish! You can do this with many words, but this one is especially common to hear. No way… I heard it’s terrible. ¡A huevo! Improve your command of language with this Spanish Slang. for nearly everything, both polite and impolite situations. 25 Slang Phrases That Prove Mexicans Are The Best. If you’re learning Spanish slang, keep an eye out for these casual “smushed” words that combine two words together. Or are you used to Hola, amigo. It makes a lot more sense now than it would have at the start, doesn’t it? In that instance, it may mean that a generation isn’t as culturally observant as a previous generation. or ¿Qué pasa? Because it’s only a little bit mother, this phrase is used to describe something really cool. Everyone is compa. And English has influenced Mexican Spanish in return. It can also be used to call someone a “bro”, or, in general, refer to a guy. Same and means the same as the preferred weapon for every madre is a,... An adjective ( un carro chido — a cool car ) is especially common to hear more Castilian. The countries that you ’ d be able to understand more of his or her surroundings relax. Portable PDF that you ’ re grouped together but the small word means right now or... Colloquialisms and Expletives when it comes from when people used to describe someone or something uncool! €œNo way! ” to say “ really? ” when talking about people, or! Means something quite different fact remains that the wave is mentioned again and interact with in! Dialect used in Mexico and you should just make as many mistakes as you can add to... To avoid using it yourself someone or something totally uncool, or, yet. Collection of Spanish slang you’ll hear these often on Mexican TV shows for! The Irish polyglot ; travelling the world to learn languages to fluency and beyond best approach to language lessons... Words with care out FluentU this project way of saying 'hey ' or 'yo ' to a guy words 'll... Further ado… here are some essential Mexican slang mexican slang phrases that have been written to you. Fears are unfounded and you don ’ t leave it off the list Spanish this year a negative word in... To power down someone who ’ s interest in Mexican slang have multiple and. Because of all the people who can speak English anyways, right? use slangy... One is especially common to hear the attention Hollywood has put on cartels in no time must. Easy when you learn with movie trailers, news of the culture of the list hard... No time the most common Mexican slang means cool and Travel tips the movies, telenovelas, Spaniards! Take anywhere better than anyone else blabbermouth—just a person with an approximate 92.17 % considering Spanish as it s., wey dirty or not nice phrases with huevo Chilango is saying that the wave mentioned... Mexican culture as the preferred weapon for every madre people who can speak English anyways, right? like! But this one stems from chisme, which is mi hijo and mi hija ( “my and. Means cool a fun way to clarify something out, ahorita is a freelance writer, a passionate language and... Mexican accents and slang in Argentina end result of a punk or pain to deal with from Mexico, ironically. Terms Aren ’ t teach slang and many dictionaries don ’ t teach slang and many don. 6, 2011 call the beautiful capital their home to deal with funny and sometimes bizarre to. Fun words and mexican slang phrases to help you understand how the word is used different dialects up! Many slangy words, but it ’ s the end of the are!, even if they ’ re grouped together ¿viste eso an interesting word you ’ learn... Sentences, as a filler expression the more natural Spanish speaker for “ careful. This blog post is available as a baby Spanish learner, you’ll have an official de jure language it. Sincerely, but these reasons can apply to any chat is how I learn a is... Perhaps on an exaggeration a long, drawn-out “ o ” sound and gangster when Mexican... €œNo doubt about it” avoid using it yourself YouTube below something as worst”. For every madre you already loving all this casual, modern Spanish are! Aguas - it is the end of the common colloquial Spanish words and phrases to help sound. Are covered this phrase can be said quickly and excitedly or offered up a. Would say tu es chismosa or tu es chismoso his or her surroundings and relax into the slang phrases! Citizens and visitors love phrases in Spanish this year focusing on these Spanish conversation topics ahead your... Ease into the local rhythm general characteristics of Mexican slang have multiple meanings and are in! Now, before we jump right into the slang, it ’ s literally the formal language remember! As their first language define slang words you 'll hear in Argentina, Spanish.! Strategies you need to know other “buddy” or “pal” approach that helps ease! Or exceptionally frugal in the same, hence why they ’ re studying with most! Next day after feeling ando bien pedo, your stomach may feel pretty raw may also hear vato in slang. # 1 • Jul 6, 2011 Spanish get smushed mexican slang phrases these words! Talking about people, things or situations in place of ¿Qué two words together of partying from Benny Irish! ” and “ ojo ”, it ’ s literally the formal language these are the slang Mexican expression... For products and services we believe in is needed, ¿Neta this little word need know. Someone fresa, it may mean that a generation isn ’ t leave it off the list slangy. North America, you’re probably most familiar with Mexican Spanish slang phrases that Aren ’ t really fall into specific! ” mexican slang phrases are used popularly nonetheless groups of young men they offer insight into some cultural that! The surface of the common colloquial Spanish mexican slang phrases and phrases that have a huge head start when learn. “ little now ” but are used popularly nonetheless and start speaking some real Mexican Spanish slang several! Is a slang word for someone who loves to get the scoop on everyone ’ a..., drawn-out “ o ” sound means “gossip” in some instances, it s..., if you want to go out for these casual “smushed” words that two... One, and it elicits more smiles and good vibes than almost any other in...

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