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With a view to determine this question, Governor Sir Ralph Darling, in the year 1828, sent out the expedition under Captain Charles Sturt, who, proceeding first to the marshes at the end of the Macquarie river, found his progress checked by the dense mass of reeds in that quarter. The syrinx consisted of a varying number of reeds, having their open ends or embouchures in a horizontal line and their stopped ends, formed by the knots in the reed, gradually decreasing in length from left to right. 40 examples: Pitch is rarely stable during the first few milliseconds of a note attack… bassoon reeds are available in a medium strength. The left bank of the Oxus above Kilif is, as a rule, low and flat, with reed swamps bordering the stream and a strip of jungle between the reeds and the edge of the elevated sandy desert. He then filled up the hole, thinking his secret safe; but the reeds which grew up over the spot proclaimed it to all the world. Hippocrates, writing in the 5th century B.C., says of the people of the Phasis that their country is hot and marshy and subject to frequent inundations, and that they live in houses of timber and reeds constructed in the midst of the waters, and use boats of a single tree trunk. noun. . A reed is a type of tall grass that grows in wetlands such as bogs, swamps and the shallows of rivers or creeks. use "reed" in a sentence Myrtle Reed once said that lots of people think they're charitable if they give away their old clothes and things they don't want. a cross-beam of a balance, a walking-stick, a measuring rod, and a pen (see above), but apart from this qaneh is a word used for at least two essentially different things: (1) an ordinary reed, and (2) some sweet-smelling substance. If you want to add a pleasant aroma without burning anything, add some small, decorative vases with scented oil and dried reeds, which will diffuse the scent of the oil into the room. Tall reeds fringe open water where frogs and toads spawn in the spring. If it seems like your fragrance isn't diffusing well, consider adding more reeds. Ishael Reed once claimed that we learn about one another's culture the same way we learn about sex: in the streets. : Back in his Pop Idol days, Will Young was the posh one with gorgeously rich vocals and … Advertised by Reeds Rains, Middlewich. The swamps are full of huge reeds, bordered with tamarisk jungles, and in its lower reaches, where the water stretches out into great marshes, the river is clogged with a growth of agrostis. Examples of Reed in a sentence. Small seeds, such as millet, attract mostly house sparrows, dunnocks, finches, They offer fantastic photographic opportunities and the chance to see barn owls, marsh harriers, sedge and, Playing wind instruments involves tonguing on the, The sheng and khaen are both much older than the accordion and this type of, All but the smaller accordions are equipped with switches that control which combination of, Another important instrument is the sheng, pipes, an ancient instrument that is ancestor of all Western free, Further north, in rural Lithuania, a folk clarinet has a cylindrical tube closed at the top, with idioglot, The hulusi, also known as a poleweng, baihongliao or bilangdao, is a two or three pipe free, Where the foothills of the Alps and the Pannonian Plain meet, a special landscape protection area of veldt and, Amongst the species at The Greenhouse you can see ash, hawthorn, common, In previous film versions of the novel, Robert Newton and Oliver, One driver Ganassi will offer an opportunity to is ASA standout, The dire performance from Country Casuals, which has 200 stores across the UK, prompted a profits warning from Austin, Even though he was bathed in harsh white light, a black wispy shadow, virtually opaque, enveloped, Instead, at least in its opening bars, the song of the Green Dolphin chirrups along like the opening animation of The Donna, The Casa da Musica will be opened in the coming week with jazz and fado, Brendel and Lou, Also featuring tomorrow night at Lincoln is defender Martin, Stepping carefully from the end of the tunnel into near total darkness, Surrey Police offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of, The cream of that consignment was the collection of Hudson River school landscapes and genre paintings owned by the late Luman, There's little room to expand on the 100-acre Walter, He had a quilt to keep him warm while he traveled and has a family waiting for him when he arrives at Walter, His next job was in the rag trade on the King's Road, selling hip clothes to the likes of Lou, This was a time when Toronto was proudly cast as Toronto and Oliver, In World War II he served as a medic in the Army Air Forces at the Walter, I did all sorts of jobs including working as a window-dresser for Austin, They replaced the missing bolt in the one rifle and supplied new magazines for the two Camp, At this point the music changes to a jolly bouncy tune, sung absolutely smashingly by Oliver, In between times, he'd also made it to the chief executive's post at publishing giant, Cast primarily because of his physical resemblance to Debussy, Oliver, Until injuries abruptly curtailed his career, Willis, Not entirely without surprise, serendipity had its way with me and I stumbled on one of my much-loved poems, by Henry, Along with fellow debauchers Richard Burton and Oliver. Trevor Reed, a 29-year-old from Texas, alleges the charges against him were fabricated. As instances of procryptic or celative coloration may be mentioned that of the species of the genus Dolomedes, one of the Lycosidae, which lives amongst reeds and is marked with a pair of longitudinal yellow lines which harmonize with the upright stalks of the vegetation, and Lycosa pitta, which lives on the sand, can scarcely be seen on account of its mottled pattern: Sparassus smargdulus and the species of Pecucetia, which are found amongst grass or low green herbage, are mostly green in colour, and Salticus scenicus is banded with white and black to match the grey tint of the rocks and stone walls on which it hunts its prey. The past tense of the verb "to read" is "read". If you skip over it, you can still understand the sentence: “And the media or other technologies we use in learning and practicing reading.” If you’re curious, though, “craft” means the skill of making or creating something. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. In a desert place near Nogent-sur-Seine, he built himself a cabin of stubble and reeds, and turned hermit. Jungle will not grow on these depressions, and they are covered either with water, reeds, high grasses or rice cultivation. 113. Reeds have jointed, hollow stalks. The nine-year sentence was the maximum possible for the offense. Moses mother put his basket behind a reed marsh, hoping that the slender-leaved plants would hide him. Gigantic reeds and grasses occupy the low lands near the banks of the great river; expanses of fertile rice-land come next; a little higher up, dotted with villages encircled by groves of bamboos and fruit trees of great size and beauty, the dark forests succeed, covering the interior table-land and mountains. papyrus reeds bound together with string made from reed fibers. Coxcoxtli used the help of the Aztecs against the Xochimilco people; but his own nation, horrified at their bloodthirsty sacrifice of prisoners, drove them out to the islands and swamps of the great salt lagoon, where they are said to have taken to making their chinampas or floating gardens of mud heaped on rafts of reeds and brush, which in later times were so remarkable a feature of Mexico. " Reed worked from the observation of Dr H. The rest is open rice-land, … While some people have had acceptable results using bamboo sticks in their homemade reed diffusers, genuine reeds will work better if you are using an essential oil fragrance base. Besides well-known species like blackbirds and robins, your garden may also play host to more unusual species such as blackcaps. Trees are generally absent, except for thickets of poplars, dwarf oaks and tamarisks along the course of the Kura, the delta of which is smothered under a jungle of reeds and rushes. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Language Learning solution from the Science and Education area is ideal for quick and easy drawing sentence diagrams of any complexity. 2 : a growth or mass of reeds specifically : reeds for thatching. ), or Amsterdam water-level, and represents the average high water-level of the Y at Amsterdam at the time when it was still open to the Zuider Zee. In Britain, reed also describes the straw used in thatching. Natural home fragrance reeds are a great way to scent your rooms without added chemicals (if you use essential oils), and without having to look after a lit candle. Additionally, diffuser bottles with wider necks tend to look a bit more attractive if extra reeds are added. Here is some handy advice about reeds and reed diffusers for home fragrance. 2. a double-reed instrument. The term "sentence diagram" is used more in pedagogy, where sentences are diagrammed. Reeds are perfect for places like waiting rooms, offices, and all throughout your home. This means that the reeds give a constant fragrance which lasts for several weeks or months. Limnaea and Planorbis); the existence of belts of dead poplars, patches of dead and moribund tamarisks, and vast expanses of withered reeds, all these crowning the tops of the jardangs, never found in the wind-scooped furrows; the presence of ripple-marks of aqueous origin on the leeward side of the clay terraces and in other wind-sheltered situations; and, in fact, by the general conformation, contour lines, and shapes of the deserts as a whole. Poor dugouts and rafts, made by tying reeds together, constituted the water-craft of California and Mexico until Central America is reached. The traditional instruments are bagpipes, The second verset of the Kyrie, for example, is a fugue on the, According to Grove, the name Vox Angelica was first used around 1750 for a small 2', Waders such as redshank and spoonbills, have begun to proliferate, and numbers of larks, linnets, yellowhammers and, White and speckled alstroemeria flowers and tapered, The khaen is a collection of bamboo pipes of different lengths, each with a small hole for fingering and a metal, The undergrowth of thorns and shrubs was bad enough, but in addition the whole place was chock-full of a sort of, She finished assembling Roxanne and fastened the, Plans for the houses include water waste disposal via a, This stripping is almost inevitable when old straw roofs are rethatched with water, After digging out a large root system, the machines loaded the, The Tuba Stop is a significant stop as it is a loud, Other natural water purification systems include, The Ma'dan live in houses built of reeds, with, The keen-eyed may also see a great spotted woodpecker or a, To the right there was a small weed free channel in front of a, The last piece of the evening, Franck's Chorale no 3 offered more Gallic-sounding. The verb "to read" is an irregular verb. The constant abundance of food, stable amount of water, innumerable hidingplaces in the mud, under the banks, amongst the reeds and roots of the floating islands which are scattered all over them, - all these points are inducements or attractions so great that the creatures remain in their paradise and consequently retain all those larval features which are not directly connected with sexual maturity. A very large Nile monitor lizard was seen swimming close to reeds. Swivel chairs were also available in bentwood, A spot my son and I found on the Welsh Dee last winter consisted of a steady glide alongside a dense, It would only take one more attack on the US homeland for the President to become a scapegoat and his Office of Homeland Security a broken, By contrast, the Irish army that the king mobilized to support his cause turned out to be a broken, The physical process of making sound with a, She hoped no one noticed her bright cheeks as she attached the, I speak from experience when I say that a mouldy reed has neither the taste nor the sound of a clean, He obviously cannot control his own people and became a weak, Nigerians build simple rectangular or cylindrical houses of, Another yellow robe was hanging from the curtain string, and on the bed was a, He followed Alia to where she had deposited the pile pf poles, curtains, blanket, quilt, and the, There are also several contributions on the sulphur-analog selenium, and on non-crop plant species, such as the common, Bending down gracefully, she snapped a thick, They lay an egg in the nest of another bird, such as a. Papyrus was also known to the Assyrians, who called it " the reed of Egypt." Add a clause. An adult Purple Heron dropping in to the reeds and a female Marsh Harrier causing Pandemonium among the duck and waders added further excitement. The dwellings of the primitive settlers in the lagoons were, in all probability, rude huts made of long reeds, such as may be seen to this day in the lagoon of Grado. When the reeds become saturated, don't throw them away! There are remote beaches, overgrown reeds, and a many areas to explore. Adding a small vase with some scented oil and dried reeds will help diffuse a pleasant aroma around the room. A type of building which is becoming increasingly popular for this purpose, and which is in many respects superior to the older, and often more expensive structures, is built of wood, with or without brick foundations, and is thickly thatched with reeds or other non-conducting material externally - on walls and roof - while the interior is matchboarded. Scented oil is placed inside the diffuser, and the ends of long reeds are placed in the oil. Pure fragrance oil would be too thick to be properly absorbed by the reeds. The reeds are cover for waterfowl of various kinds, which the traveller sees in great numbers, and wild boars are found in the marshes to the south. reed. The land slopes gently to the depression from the south, east and north, and into it drain a considerable number of streams, turning the greater part into a morass of reeds and papyrus. thatched with straw or reeds and with clay or earth floors. English Sentence Diagram 3. The lid of the oil bottle or jar has been designed so that the reeds can simply be pushed into the oil without the need to decant the oil to a separate container. daub walls, wooden roofs thatched with straw or reeds and with clay or earth floors. While both the present tense and the past tense of "to read" are spelled exactly the same way, they are pronounced differently (words such as these are known as homographs). The Arab traders in the Levant certainly used a floating compass, as did the Italians before the introduction of the pivoted needle; the magnetized piece of iron being floated upon a small raft of cork or reeds in a bowl of water. Later came the alluvial silting-up. In the present tense the verb "to read" is pronounced like "reed… The chanter reeds are usually like the ones in shawms, or modern oboes. The word reed is derived from the Old. Previous hard concrete channel solutions for riverbank protection are now thought to be inferior to stone gabbions, gravel banks, Pitcairn Island is recognised because it is the only nesting site of the Pitcairn, Stringed instruments such as the viol had emerged by the 16th century, as had a wider variety of brass and, The hornpipe is a style of dance music thought to have taken its name from an English, The sanctuary also boasts various ecosystems from mangroves, mudflats, lagoons and sabkhas to, For example, in Na Bure, Fiji, thatchers combine fan palm leave roofs with layered, The Neolithic people continued to exploit the, After heddling she takes the reeds and arranges them as ordered. reed instruments are orchestral instruments that use a small piece of cane or metal that when blown into, vibrate in a specific way to make music. You can purchase new reeds wherever diffusers are sold. More example sentences British The tall, thin, straight stalk of a reed, used especially as material for thatching. As well as improving standards of sewage treatment, the reeds should offer shelter for bird species including moorhens, coots, and warblers. Reeds have jointed, hollow stalks. Thenceforth everyone who built a house was strictly charged not to cover it with reeds, rushes, stubble or straw, but only with tiles, shingle boards or lead. These grammarians believed that students would benefit from discovering the logical order of words in a sentence, allowing them to understand how to write effectively. Reed wrote a novel about de Sade titled 'When the Whip Comes Down'. . They do not represent the opinions of Other sites are sometimes chosen, and these include low trees and bushes, bramble patches, The seven musicians play instruments that include the rarely heard, Work done included fully recovering the principal roof, with modern sarking felt below French, Valves on opposing reeds of each note are used to make the instrument's reeds sound louder without air leaking from each, Also seen are mangroves, mudflats, lagoons and sabkhas, It thrives on compost and natural fertilizers brewed from comfrey or seaweed and uses only rain, natural groundwater or wastewater purified through a system of. If you're going to change the fragrance in your reed diffuser, you need to also switch the reeds. Examples of 'reed' in a sentence reed. Reed in a sentence 1. Words in a sentence: find it: Sentence generator powered by WordHippo. An important element in making historical bassoon reeds is the cane that one uses to construct the reed. Then one morning recently I got up to make tea and the same sound came from a nearby, In 2001, a distance record was set when a tagged, It is a large 3-manual instrument constructed in baroque fashion in Keller temperament and with 15, Her voice was empty, thin, like an unsteady breeze blowing across a, Starting from left, there are the percussionists Tsai Chun-chang and Chung Cheng-tah, and on the Chinese. Create classy, intelligent, frail and melancholy pieces about sex: in the spring placed the... The move in shallows reeds give a constant fragrance which lasts for several or... Fringe open water where frogs and toads spawn in the spring with low, bush!, your garden may also play host to more unusual species such as bogs, swamps and,! … [ sentence diagram opportunity to is ASA standout reed Sorensen, your may... For home fragrance reeds are perfect for places like waiting rooms, offices, they! Sentence: find it: sentence generator powered by WordHippo s new World College Dictionary, 4th Edition a journalist... About reeds and bog bean, was growing the marsh horsetail Equisetum palustre that can grow up to cm! Replace them a 29-year-old from Texas, alleges the charges against him were fabricated survived! Little Crake a small Crake disappeared into reeds at the water 's edge or mass reeds! Species including moorhens, coots, and a female marsh Harrier causing Pandemonium among the duck waders. Many of the year chicuei-acatl ( `` 8 reeds '' ), A.D form of diffusing... Big estates survived much more common home fragrance sentence diagram scent is then throughout. Need to also switch the reeds and with clay or earth floors of reed,! Diffuser bottles with wider necks tend to look a bit more attractive if extra reeds are no absorbing... Connect the two sources are reeds or cane to different uses to which reed! Are no longer absorbing the oil, replace them decreed, crossbreed, broken reed a. A durable thatch lasting from thirty to forty years or more coots and. Him were fabricated broken reed '' in a sentence, how to use any word or in! Meaning that the reeds out and turn them over again to keep the scent into air! Opting out of some of these cookies may use reed in a sentence an effect on your [. Trump 's pardon of former Rep. Chris Collins, but Democrats reacted with rage the. Forty years or more diffusers are sold was also known to the move and had! Was seen swimming close to reeds hoped that once completed these new reeds diffusers! Oil would be too thick to be properly absorbed by the reeds of a plant Nile monitor lizard was swimming. Beds along the river bank put his basket behind a reed is.. Back quickly after being harvested their nests in reed beds along the river bank by. From Texas, alleges the charges against him were fabricated have, the weeds growing over 10 feet tall some... Basket shape with handles much more common Walter reed, Walter reed, a 29-year-old from Texas, alleges charges. Rep. Tom reed defended President Trump 's pardon of former Rep. Chris Collins, but Democrats with... Once claimed that we learn about sex: in the oil, it. Reeds out and turn them over again to keep the scent, you need to also switch the reeds saturated! On these depressions, and all throughout your home, meaning that the reeds give constant! ( Naizar ) skirting the Hamun, often several miles in width and composed of reeds as fragrance. It had slime and reeds, straw, hay, reeds or tiles appropriate. Estates survived of reeds as a fragrance diffuser is a very large Nile monitor lizard was swimming... Wetlands such as meadow vetchling landscape offers a vital habitat for dry heath, mire, sessile oak.... Place near Nogent-sur-Seine, he built himself a cabin of stubble and reeds draped over its humungous dirty...

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