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NBC’s “Nightly News” had 8.67 million and the “CBS Evening News” had 6.3 million.For the week of Dec. 28 to Jan. 3, the 20 most popular prime-time programs, their networks and viewerships:College Football Finals Semifinal: Ohio State at Clemson, ESPN, 18.9 million.College Football Finals Semifinal: Notre Dame at Alabama, ESPN, 18.4 million.College Football Finals Semifinal, ESPN, 16.6 million.NBC Sunday Night Football, NBC, 16.5 million.College Football Bowl Studio, ESPN, 16.1 million.College Football Bowl Studio, ESPN, 14.4 million.College Football Playoffs Semifinal, ESPN, 13.4 millionCollege Football Bowl Studio, ESPN, 13.5 million.College Football Studio, ESPN, 12.3 million.Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick, NBC, 12.1 million.“Primetime New Year's Rockin' Eve” (part 2), ABC, 11.2 million.“60 Minutes,” CBS, 10 million.College Football Studio, ESPN, 9.8 million.Football Night in America (part 3), NBC, 9.7 million.The OT, Fox, 9.4 million.Peach Bowl: Georgia at Cincinnati, ESPN, 8.41 million.“Primetime New Year's Rockin' Eve” (part 1), ABC, 8.4 million.Orange Bowl: Texas A&M at North Carolina, ESPN, 7.58 million.NFL Football: Buffalo at New England, ESPN, 7.6 million.Monday Night Football (Dec. 28), ABC, 7.2 million.Lynn Elber, The Associated Press, CAMEROON, Cameroon — Days after attacks on two villages killed more than 100 civilians in his African nation, Niger’s president said Wednesday that tackling the growing fragility of nations must be a top priority of the 21st century. As part of its Rethink Your Drink campaign, the Delta Dental Foundation has committed a total of $100,000 to REPLACE existing drinking fountains at a number of selected schools in Indiana with new Elkay water fountain/bottle filling stations installed by P-M & Associates of Indianapolis. He sought to have Congress launch a commission to investigate the election. No Congressional led audit will ever convince those voters, particularly when the president will continue to claim the election was stolen.”The simple truth, Romney said, “is that President-elect (Joe) Biden won this election. Delta Dental of Tennessee once kids across our state to know that water is cool at school to help make that happen. Her  reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism  Initiative. Drinking plenty of water can help combat obesity, increase energy levels and may improve students’ cognitive functions. What's new is that students and staff will be given two government-issued disposable medical masks per day.Will daycares stay open?Daycares for preschool children will remain open to all parents.Meal services will not be offered in school daycares. A proliferation of aggressive cyber and counterintelligence threats from foreign adversaries have made counties like China, Russia and North Korea top priorities for federal law enforcement.Monaco in particular would bring to the department significant national security experience, including in cybersecurity — an especially urgent issue as the U.S. government confronts a devastating hack of federal agencies that officials have linked to Russia. The restrictions include the extended closure of many non-essential businesses, as well as new limits on gatherings and an overnight curfew.The new measures will go into effect Saturday and will last until Feb. 8.Here are some key questions answered about the new rules.Why is Quebec introducing another lockdown?Premier François Legault says the health-care network is at risk of being overwhelmed as COVID-19 spreads in the province. Though the efforts to block Biden from being sworn in on Jan. 20 were sure to fail, the support Trump has received for his efforts to overturn the election results have badly strained the nation’s democratic guardrails.Congress reconvened in the evening, lawmakers decrying the protests that defaced the Capitol and vowing to finish confirming the Electoral College vote for Biden’s election, even if it took all night.Before dawn Thursday, lawmakers completed their work, confirming Biden won the presidential election.Vice-President Mike Pence, presiding over the joint session, announced the tally, 306-232.Trump, who had steadfastly refused to concede the election, said in a statement immediately after the vote there “will be an orderly transition" of power on inauguration day.“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” Trump said in a statement posted to twitter by an aide.Pence had reopened the Senate after the harrowing day and directly addressed the demonstrators: “You did not win.”Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the “failed insurrection” underscored lawmakers’ duty to finish the count. I look forward to hearing from students about what makes water ‘cool’ to them.". What about public transit?For its part, the Société des transports de Montréal (STM) has not unveiled new measures related to the curfew, but tweeted on Wednesday that it was analyzing the situation.In the brief statement, the STM said that "essential workers will still be able to use public transit, you can count on us, even during curfew. Eighty-five Illinois schools will receive new water bottle-filling stations to encourage students to drink more water as part of H2O On the Go, a new grant program by Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation and Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation. The work is now being done by 91 NSHA employees at 24 hospitals across the province, according to the he Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU). While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again.”Trump’s account is currently locked by Twitter.Trump has spent the last two months refusing to concede the election and making baseless allegations of mass voter fraud that have been rejected by dozens of courts and Republican officials, including his former attorney general.Vice-President Mike Pence presided over the formal session that ended early Thursday morning tallying the electoral college vote.__HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CONGRESS' TALLY OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTEAngry supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in a chaotic protest aimed at thwarting a peaceful transfer of power, forcing lawmakers to be rushed from the building and interrupting challenges to Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. "Officers just made sure that the trail was closed down on either end of the slide. Delta Dental of Tennessee Launches Grant Program to Encourage Students to Drink More Water. John Bel Edwards and public health officials said Wednesday that efforts are being made to speed up vaccinations for the coronavirus. If a person paramedics are attending to screens negative for the virus,  paramedics wear less personal protective equipment than they would if someone  had screened positive. “We will not stop with this just being swept under the rug … especially for those that you call health-care heroes during the pandemic.”Nebal Snan, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chronicle Herald. Loeffler said that the “violence, the lawlessness, and siege of the halls of Congress” were a “direct attack” on the “sanctity of the American democratic process.”All three had previously signed on to Trump’s false claims of widespread voter fraud to explain his defeat. Fall Cycle- September 1. What your school could win I can’t be there, and I miss her. to replace existing water fountains at 55 elementary schools across the state with contactless Elkay bottle-filling stations. Quebec has put in place a series of lockdown measures aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19. Primary considerations include: programs in which the requesting organization is engaged; the constituencies served; accountability and fundraising practices; level of community engagement; availability of alternative sources of funding; viability of the program; … "We will be moving forward onto the next steps for developing the property as what is allowed for 'right of use' as it stands now. The people familiar with the process spoke on condition of anonymity. to replace existing water fountains at 55 elementary schools across the state with contactless Elkay bottle-filling stations. Why is the government imposing a curfew?While some medical experts have questioned the efficacy of a curfew, Arruda said it is designed to serve as "a signal, but it also allows us to decrease possibilities of contact that might continue after a certain time. He said residents are prepared to continue the fight, even if that fight ends up at the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission. On an American Airlines flight from Dallas, a large contingent of Trump supporters got in an angry yelling match with other passengers after one of the president’s supporters projected “Trump 2020” on the cabin ceiling and walls.___6:30 p.m.Republican Sen. Mitt Romney is blaming President Donald Trump for inciting a violent “insurrection” at the Capitol.Romney, the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee and a frequent critic of Trump’s, said the violent breach of the Capitol on Wednesday was “due to a selfish man’s injured pride and the outrage of his supporters whom he has deliberately misinformed for the past two months. New Orleans announced new restrictions Wednesday.___LANSING, Mich. — Michigan will begin administering coronavirus vaccines to seniors and front-line workers such as teachers and police next week.The state had planned to next immunize people 75 and older and essential workers including first responders, prison guards and child care providers. The Delta Dental Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Delta Dental of North Carolina and its affiliates in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. For requests under $10,000 please contact the Delta Dental Foundation prior to submitting a General Grant Request to determine eligibility. The government is encouraging families to postpone funeral services.The manufacturing sector will remain open. The number of people at risk of starvation has doubled, international methods to manage conflicts “have been stretched to the breaking point” resulting in a number of countries being caught in a vicious cycle, he said. Finally, he decided to install a camera... WASHINGTON/SHANGHAI (Reuters) -The Trump administration is considering adding tech giants Alibaba and Tencent to a blacklist of firms allegedly owned or controlled by the Chinese military, two people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. All the states have certified their results as fair and accurate, by Republican and Democratic officials alike.Punctuating their resolve, both the House and Senate soundly rejected an objection to election results from Arizona, which had been raised by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., and another from Pennsylvania brought by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa. Delta Dental initially launched "Water’s Cool @ School" in February 2020, but suspended the campaign in March when schools closed due to COVID-19. "Here is a breakdown of the city council vote The following six councillors voted to rescind the lot consolidation for an apartment complex on Trainor Street:  Mitchell TweelAlanna Jankov Greg Rivard Julie McCabe Jason Coady Bob DoironThe following two councillors voted to support the original lot consolidation:   Terry MacLeod Mike DuffyKevin Ramsay was in a conflict of interest and Terry Bernard was not in attendance, neither voted.

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