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WW1 Photos Centenary Website: 2014-2018 By Paul Reed, Winter War: Royal Engineer Despatch Rider 1915, Forgotten Heroes: North Africans & The Great War, My old headmaster from the Crawley school where I was the first pupil when it opened in 1972, sadly passed away tod…, German Faces of the Great War: men from an Ersatz Battalion of the 12th Landwehr Infantry Regiment at Guben in July…, An Army Marches on its Stomach: refrigerated meat arrives at the docks in Salonkia in 1915, and is unloaded by Arm…. WW1 French Army Uniform Horizon Blue Greatcoat. This photograph shows British and Italian troops at a railway siding. The information on this post has been compiled as a result of examining service records in WO 97 (online with Findmypast) and WO 363 and WO 364 (online with Ancestry). Popular pages. Given these wide-ranging tasks, it is not surprising that the Royal Engineers expanded from about 25,000 men in 1914 to 315,000 in 1918. Free ... RARE WW1 BRITISH ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS OFFICER 1`` UNIFORM COAT BUTTON GAUNT ... J. R. GAUNT & SON LTD LONDON ARTILLERY CANNON BUTTON 1914 ITEM 5-20-40 SALE. Jeremiah Francis Aherne. World War One First World Ww1 Photos Photographs Bonus Army Royal Engineers Shell Shock British Army Military History. His Royal Engineer cap badge is visible in the middle. 26/02/2012 | Categories: British Army, France, Somme, Western Front, WW1 | Tags: 1916, Picardy, Royal Engineers, Signallers, Signals, Somme | 3 Comments. It is not generally issued to all units, with the khaki No. British troops were transferred from the Western Front from October 1917 and found themselves in some cases moving from the mud and slime of Passchendaele to an Italian winter, which several veterans I interviewed who fought there thought was much more preferable! ... WW1 British Victory Medal - 65191 W.J. WW1 OFFICERS SCOTTISH PATTERN KITCHENER BLUE TUNIC, 1902 PATTERN BRITISH SERVICE DRESS TUNIC: STONEYHURST CADET, SCOTTISH POST WW1 HIGHLAND PATTERN SERVICE DRESS KHAKI TUNIC, 1922 PATTERN BRITISH KHAKI SERVICE DRESS TUNIC, WW1 HLI or SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS McKENZIE TARTAN KILT, WW1 BRITISH OTHER RANKS KHAKI PUTTEES 10 FEET LONG MATCHING PAIR, SCOTTISH 1922 HIGHLAND PATTERN SERVICE DRESS KHAKI TUNIC. They were photographed by a German soldier at this time just off the Albert-Bapaume road close to the village of Pozières. The trains had also brought up artillery ammunition for a number of shell depots that had been established in the area. This Royal Engineers shoulder title was worn at the top of each sleeve of the Battle-Dress blouse, above the divisional signs, from June 1943. In 1908 the Telegraph Battalion Royal Engineers based at Aldershot and two companies based in London for telegraph and postal duties formed the nucleus of the Royal Engineers (RE) Signal Service. He has leather gloves for a better grip and to keep his hands warm when out on his bike and he has a scarf to protect his neck area. On his head is the first wartime issue cold weather gear for British soldiers, the so-called ‘Gor Blimey’ hat. The Royal Engineers took on the main task of providing them and men were specially trained pre-1914 to operate motorcycles. Category:Royal Engineers officers | Military Wiki | Fandom. Complete with RE buttons. Civilians running from a German attack is something we more associate with WW2, but it happened many times in WW1 as well, especially in the spring of 1918 as the German Army almost broke through on several parts of the Western Front. ... Edward in Dress Uniform of a Sapper in The Corps of Royal Engineers. Comprising: Cuff rank service dress tunic, this of the regulation pattern with Captain rank stars and lace to the cuff and complete with RE buttons and collar badges. 505th Field Company, Royal Engineers. Tubes formed of plates of uniform thickness. A regulation pattern example with rank to the cuff indicating Lieutenant Colonel, to the collar special pattern gorget patches indicating a Royal Engineer Deputy Director, Staff Officer. The interior with lining and interior pockets. The Great War was the first conflict in which motorcycle Despatch Riders played any sort of role in battlefield signals.

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